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Since its inception in 1958 the PsyWar Society has published a quarterly magazine, The Falling Leaf. It is an invaluable source of news, articles, and information about the history of psychological warfare and aerial leaflet propaganda. Read more...

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Falling Leaf No.

The Latest Edition

Issue no. 208, Summer, 2012, Editor: Lee Richards

Last Despatchp. 2
Propaganda Leaflets of the Spanish Civil Warp. 4
Operation Anvil/Dragoon Leaflet Campaignp. 34
Index to Landser-postp. 94
Communist Chinese Propaganda to the Kinmen Islandsp. 100
BiH: Destination the Haguep. 108
Libya 2011p. 110
Obituary: Prof Phil Taylorp. 118
Obituary: Joe Naglp. 123
Obituary: Erik Gjems-Onstadp. 124
Book Review: Hearts and Mines - A Memoir of Psychological Warfare in Iraqp. 131
The Poppy Salutep. 133

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