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Since its inception in 1958 the Psywar Society has published a quarterly magazine, The Falling Leaf, which is an invaluable source of news, articles, and information about the history of psychological warfare and aerial leaflet propaganda. After editing the magazine for nearly forty years Reg Auckland, a co-founder of the Society, retired at the end of 1997. He was succeeded by David Minshall. Many of the articles are written by Reg Auckland and collectors and historians alike owe him a great debt for publishing the results of his researches.

The editorship of The Falling Leaf was handled over to Lee Richards in 2004.

The articles published here try to provide a broad spectrum of information concerning leaflet propaganda. Feedback is always appreciated, and if readers have any new information relating to the current or past history of psychological warfare, PSYOPS, and aerial propaganda leaflets then please contact the Editor or other Psywar Society official.

The Society has also published a number of leaflet catalogues (Blatters). These are listings, often with background information, of leaflets of particular types or from specific theatres of war. For details of these, and how to obtain back issues of The Falling Leaf, then contact the Publications Manager.

A searchable index for The Falling Leaf is available via the Society website. Although primarily for members of the Psywar Society, to facilitate searches of their journal, it will give non-members an insight into the wealth of reference material available within the Society. Keyword searches can be typed in the Search box at the top of each webpage or alternatively the contents of a particular edition of The Falling Leaf can be listed by entering its issue number. The latest editions of the magazine can be read online by Society members.


The Falling Leaf, Issue No. 1

A typical issue of The Falling Leaf from the 1960's

The Falling Leaf, Issue No. 169
The Falling Leaf, Issue No. 185

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