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First World War 1914-1918

Second World War 1939-1945

  • German 'Black' Propaganda to Denmark
    German leaflets Groeten uit Engeland (September 1942) and Frihedsposten (April 1944).
  • Morocco
    A brief study of aerial propaganda leaflets over Morocco. Includes 'Operation Torch'.
  • Red Circle
    A British inspired, non-existent, anti-Nazi resistance group purporting to operate inside Germany which was responsible for 'black' leaflets, lists, tracts and similar literature signed only with a Red Circle.
  • A Leaflet Miscellany
    A collection of short stories and reports culled from The Falling Leaf.

Korean War, 1950-1953

Cold War, 1950's

Gulf War 1990-1991 & Beyond

Kosovo and Serbia, 1999

  • Operation Allied Force
    An illustrated account of leaflet propaganda during Operation 'Allied Force.' A catalogue of NATO leaflets is included.


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