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1775/83     The American War of Independence (A paragraph from ‘The Bristol Journal’ of September 30,1775 reported "Colonists use wind-blown leaflets to undermine the morale of the British defenders of Boston")
1848     Siege of Milan
1850/54   The Arctic (Messages dropped from balloons) addressed to Sir John Franklin by rescue expeditions in an attempt to find him and his crew, trapped in the ice during his search for 'The Northwest Passage' in 1845)
1870     Siege of Paris (Piloted postal balloons leaving the city dropped leaflets, used as ballast, on to Prussian troops)
1912   Tripolitania (On January 15 the first aerial propaganda leaflets to be dropped by plane were used during the Italo-Turkish war.  Addressed to the Arabs of Tripolitania, they offered a gold coin and a sack of wheat to every man who surrendered.
1914/18     WWI
1914     France (First leaflet of the First World War dropped on Paris on 30th August – FL No. 49, pp 69-73)
1914     Western Front (25,000 leaflets, privately paid for, dropped over German lines)
1915     Syria (Leaflets from Gen. Sir John Maxwell in Egypt to Ottoman troops and Arabs – FL No.73, pp 56-59)
1917     France (First issue of ‘Le Courrier de l ’Air’ on 6 April – the worlds first regular newspaper)
1918     Turkey (British leaflet to Turkish troops at Gallipoli)
1918     Austria (Italian airmen dropped 200,000 leaflets over Vienna)
1918     Finland (Civil war – January 28 - May 16)
1918     Northern FranceBritish leaflet A.P.74 ballooned to German troops BL No.10)
1918     U.S.A. Third Liberty Loan Leaflet - planes bombing Krupps works
1919     Russia (Bolshevik leaflet to Allied troops in Murmansk)
1930     Samoa (Civil unrest – leaflets dropped by hand from N.Z.P.A.F. Moth seaplane based on H.M.S. Dunedin)
1930/31     Northwest Frontier of India
1935/36     Abyssinia (War with Italy)
1936/39     Spanish Civil War (Leaflets used by both sides – disseminated by aeroplane and rockets which scattered 1,000 leaflets at a time)
1939/45     WWII
1939     Germany (The first British leaflet dropped on Germany)
1939     France (German leaflet in the shape of a plane leaf dropped on the Maginot Line)
1939/45     Finland (The Winter War, Continuation War and Lapland War – Leaflets by Finns, Russians and Germans – FL No.157, pp 61-64)
1940     Holland (First RAF leaflet No. EH(H).700 ‘Freedom does not perish’)
1940     Corsica (Corsican language leaflet dropped by Italian flyers in the Frasetto mountains during July & August – FL No.153, pp 68-70)
1941     Denmark (British miniature magazine disguised as a child’s book)
1941     Holland (Packets of tea dropped over 22 towns and cities)
1941     U.S.A - USO fund rasing leaflets - one in the shape of a bomb
1941   Norway - King Haakon's Christmas Message Code EH827(N)
1942     GermanyVolunteer for the U-boat service ( Mechanical leaflet G7)
1942     Morocco (Operation ‘Torch’) FL No.31, pp 73-76
1942     Egypt & Libya (German leaflet to Arabs ‘The British pound is worthless’– in the form of a fake £1 note)
1942/43     Germany (Operation ‘Cornflakes’ – Anti-Nazi ‘black’ mail with forged stamps dropped in mailbags from US bombers onto to mail trains to Germany – See Links
1943/44     Yugoslavia (German Safe Conduct Pass in the form of a cigarette paper)
1943/45     BurmaSEAC Safe Conduct leaflet SJ/16 in Japanese
1944     France (First issue of Nachrichten für de Truppe on 25 April – the worlds first regular daily aerial newspaper)
1944     Normandy – D-Day (Leaflet ZF.4 dropped on 6th June, ‘Urgent Message to the inhabitants of this town – Depart to open country! You haven’t a minute to lose!’) Dropped over 16 small towns a few minutes before the invasion began.
1944     Germany – British ‘Black‘ Postcard Dieser deutsche Mann ist Frei (BL No. 13)
1944     Italy (German LIFE/DEATH leaflets to both U.S. and U.K. troops – FL No.74, p 101,102)
1944     Roumania (Leaflets dropped by RAF and USAAF en route from Italy to the Ploesti oilfields – FL No.157, pp 51-60)
1944     England - V.1 raid on Manchester (BL No.7) V.1 P.O.W. Post
1944/45     Europe (Operation ‘Carpetbaggers’ – covert operations and leaflet drops by 8th US Air Force – See links)
1945     Japan (U.S. leaflet ‘The following cities will be attacked...) Disseminated prior to the dropping of the atomic bombs)
1945     Singapore (‘The Japanese forces have surrendered unconditionally and the war is over’ Dropped over Changi 26 Aug. FL No.153, p 67)
1945     Italy - German leaflet (BL No. 2) TO LIVE FOR HER OR DIE FOR HIM
1950s     The Cold War (BL No. 6)
1952     Korea (United Nations’ leaflets to Chinese Communist Forces)
1954/55     Kenya (Mau-mau terrorists killed in the Aberdare Forest)
1956     Cyprus (British leaflets dropped on Cypriot EOKA rebels)
1956     Egypt (Suez invasion – British leaflets used in the Canal Zone)
1956     Malaya ($1,000 reward if you surrender with a Bren gun)
1956     Red China (Real magnolia leaves, chemically treated before overprinting) dropped by Nationalist airmen based in Formosa
1957     Muscat/Oman (RAF dropped leaflets over rebels)
1959     Nyasaland (Anti-rebel warnings and threatened reprisals)
1959/63     Algeria (Leaflets dropped over Algiers calling for calm – FL 31, p 68)
1960/62     Southern Rhodesia (Political leaflets)
1962     Indonesia (‘Between Life and Death’ leaflets used against Dutch troops by the Republic in New Guinea FL No.74, p 101)
1962     Greece (Over Athens advertising a new newspaper – FL No.21, p 84
1962     Brunei (Surrender leaflets dropped on rebels – FL No.21, p 83)
1963     Yemen (Explosive cigarettes dropped as booby-traps – FL No.21, p 83)
1963     Haiti (Anti-government leaflets)
1965     Vietnam (6,245,200,000 leaflets dropped by US planes and helicopters plus 4 billion produced by JUSPAO)
1965     Aden (British leaflet offering 25 dinars for information on grenades - FL No.31, p63)
1968     Greece (500 drachma ‘banknote’ advertising ‘Macaroins’ food)
1970     Mozambique (Warning pro-Frelimo rebels of coming attack)
1972     Philippine Islands (Search for straggler Japanese soldier)
1982     The Falklands War ( FL No.186, p.3)
1983     Grenada (Operation 'Urgent Fury')
1988     Afganistan (Russian leaflets in Arabic dropped – FL No.153, p 48)
1989     Panama (Operation 'Just Cause')
1991     The Gulf War (Operation 'Desert Storm'– BL No. 20)
1991     Kurdistan (Operation 'Provide Comfort')
1992/93     Somalia (Operation 'Restore Hope'– BL No. 22)
1993     Bosnia (Leaflets warning of impending aid drop) - (FL No.140, pp 3, 4)
1993   Cambodia (Election leaflets dropped by U.N. plane on May 18th) FL No.143, p 123
1994   Haiti - (Leaflets dropped on civilans prior to invasion by U.S. forces) FL No.150 pp 112 - 115
1995     Chechnya (FL No.151, p 123, FL No.153. p 44)
1995     Sri Lanka (Airdrop in Jaffna to stem Tamil panic) FL No.151, p 126
1999   Iraq - Operation 'Desert Fox' (Appeal to Iraqi troops "Stay in your positions. Do not head south") - FL No.164, pp 6 - 11
1999   Serbia/Kosovo - Operation 'Allied Force' (NATO leaflets to civilians explaining why they were being bombed and how it could be stopped) FL No.165, pp 47 - 57
1999   East Timor Leaflets used by INTERFET 'International Force Timor' an Australin led multinational force, to counter mass violence by armed gangs after the East Timorese voted for self rule in a ballot held on August 30, 1999.  FL No.169, pp 47-49
2001-2006   Afghanistan - Following the terrorist attack on the twin World Trade Centre towers in New York on 11th Sep. leaflets were dropped over Afghanistan from 14th Oct. onwards. Operation 'Enduring Freedom' - FL No.175
2002/03   Iraq - No-Fly Zone leaflets. FL No.180, p 13
2003   Liberia - U.S. Peace keeping in Liberia. FL No.182, p 115
2003-2006   Iraq - Operation Iraqi Freedom.
2005/06   Lebanon & Gaza - Israeli leaflets attacking Hamas and Hezbollah. FL No.188
2006   Republic of Congo - UN leaflets urging militia men and women to come out of the bush land surrounding Bunia and hand in weapons. FL No.189, p 6


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