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H.899/Q.49, This German man free black postcard

'Black', ie. subversive and covert, items such as this postcard were sent by Sefton Delmer, their originator and head of Political Warfare Executive's secret German 'black' Section to Armin Hull in London who dealt with requests from the German and other regional sections. Armin Hull was the non-de-plume for Ellic Howe who was in charge of all forgery printing and the letter 'H' used in listing 'black' literature derives from the first letter of his name.

Some 'black' leaflets were also given 'Q' numbers which indicated that they were not too subversive and could be disseminated by overt means, ie., by air. Therefore they should really be classed as being 'grey.'

Some cards bore forged stamps and others were headed 'Field Post Card' which did not need stamps. Such cards were allocated different 'H' & 'Q' numbers.

A translation of the text on the reverse of this card is given below.

The above portrait is of Party member Dr. Schieber. Other cards exist with a similar type text and pictures of Dr. Scheel and Dr. Ley. On the night of 8/9 Jan. 1944 Jean Laplanche a Belgian living in one of the Eastern Cantons of Belgium annexed by Hitler in 1940, picked up about 100 such cards which had fallen near his home. His most interesting personal account of what happened to these cards appeared in the Spring 1944 issue of The Falling Leaf, Issue No.144. Some cards bore an address in Germany, written in ink and on some the address side was left blank. All the cards were franked with a forged 3pf.1941-43 issue brown Hitler head stamp.

Laplanche soaked off some stamps as needed for use on his own mail. He posted the addressed cards at various German post offices and even addressed and posted one to the local Herr Landrat (District Commissioner) which could have landed him in Dachau or Buchenwald had he been found out.


This German man is free...

from Forces and Labour call-up by OKW Secret Regulation Az. 1k35 AIIA/Ag/E (Vb) Nr. 834/40 geh. of 11 April 1940, due to being a professional Party employee, by application to his party office. ––

from Billeting, especially of Bombed-out people, by the law on residence of 17.2.43. which exempts his house as well as dwellings of all other high officials, functionaries and employees in active party work, and all NSDAP buildings, from confiscation and compulsory billeting. ––

from Food rationing by Regulations on diplomatic customs of 26.1.43, R.E.M. I. 237/43, which excepts him as being a political leader and representative, and which assures him of 4-8 times normal rations on grounds of his certificate of entitlement. ––

from Constraints of delivery & shortage of Household and Necessary goods as registered customers of the SS - German manufacturing industry in which concentration camp prisoners produce everything which the ordinary citizen can no longer buy in shops. ––

from all Sorrows and Distress of the German People, being sheltered by his connections and even from danger of bombs because he gets the fuel which enables him to drive from the town every evening to his bomb-proof country house,

This man is
from any Allegiance with
the German People

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