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Code * 1322-3-45

This leaflet from the '*' series came from the headquarters of the Southern Star (*) at Castel Bevilaqua near Verona in Northern Italy where coloured leaflets were printed. Südstern was part of the SS-Standarte Kurt Eggers (an SS legion devoted entirely to propaganda) which had its headquarters in Berlin. It was also probably responsible for many of, if not all, the leaflets in Italian.

The month of dissemination is sometimes indicated in the leaflet's code, eg, 1322-3-45 indicates that it was dropped in March 1945.

The Psywar Society's publication Blatter No.2 lists codes from *149-10-44 to * 2540-4-45, some of which are in Italian or Indian languages. Many of the entries give the title of the leaflet but some still remain unknown.It would be appreciated if readers who can fill in any of the gaps would contact the Hon. Editor.

Blatter No.2 also contains listings of other German leaflets used in Italy including A I, DELTA, Kr, LWP and various miscellaneous series.

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