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The Society has very little information about this leaflet. If anyone knows where and when they were disseminated or has knowledge of any other leaflets that were dropped from the air over the U.S.A., please email us. See also our entry for 1941 U.S.A. (Home Front).

Although the leaflet says that this "card" was dropped from a Caproni bombing aeroplane, it is in fact printed on paper. The full size is 150 x 178 mm (approx. 5" x 7").

It is probable that the triplanes depicted on the reverse of the leaflet are intended to be from either the Ca.3 or Ca.4 series of Caproni bombers made in Italy by Societa di Aviazione Ing. Caproni.

These heavy bombers were powered with 3 Isotta-Fraschini engines and carried a crew of four.They were armed with up to eight machine guns and were able to deliver large payloads of bombs to distant targets.

We have not been able to confirm that these leaflets were actually dropped from one of these triplanes or that they ever flew over the United States. They may well have been disseminated by a smaller Caproni biplane. If anyone has any information on this, please let us know.

A photograph of one of these triplanes, together with a detailed specification can be found on The Aerodrome site.

Every Bond You Buy is a Bomb for Krupp
Every Bond You Buy is a Bomb for Krupp

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