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Nearly 200 different aerial leaflets and miniature magazines were designed for Norway during WW II, both by the British and the Americans. So many years afterwards, it is difficult to distinguish between those which were dropped from the planes, singly or in containers, and those which were brought over the border in a rucksack.

British Coastal Command dropped leaflets when they made reconnaissance flights over Norway. The planes used had neither much cargo space nor a long range. Each plane, therefore, could take no more than two to four packets of 1,000 leaflets, and these were usually dropped near the Norwegian coastal towns. Some of the same issues of the leaflets were dropped several times as long as they remained topical. The situation changed when larger British and American planes dropped secret agents and supplies of arms. On these trips, it was the practice to drop leaflets as a diversionary manoeuvre. When containers were dropped, they often included leaflets or miniature magazines

King Haakon's greetings to those at home were a regular feature of the leaflets during the years of war. The leaflet shown is EH(N)827 'To all Norwegians'. The Kings Christmas message was disseminated over Norway in December 1941. In some places where leaflets had been dropped, small gramophone records in a grey wrapper were also found. The text on the wrapper read: 'To the Home Front, Part 1, 78 rpm, speech by King Haakon, November 1941'. On the other side 'Part II' was a selection of poems by Nordahl Grieg. The poet Nordahl Grieg was killed in action December 1943.

EH(N).827, To All Norwegians propaganda leaflet - Obverse

Translation of the leaflet TO ALL NORWEGIANS - Code EH(N).827

Front Cover

"Thank you for the allegiance you have shown towards our country. Fight as proudly and resolutely in the new year as you have in the old".

Two centre pages (not illustrated)

The inside of the leaflet (left) tells about Kingston House in London where the Norwegian exile government had its offices. Furthermore, that large numbers of Norwegians volunteer for the forces and the merchant fleet supply approximately half of the oil necessary for England and the Allied forces.

(Right): "We send our greetings home!". This page tells that at the start of the third year of war the fighting continues on the Home Front (Home Front is the Norwegian term for resistance fighting). 25,000 Norwegian merchant sailors are doing their job at sea. The Army, the Navy and the Air Force are taking part in the fighting. The Navy numbers 60 modern ships in service on all seas. The King and the exile government are planning the day when the German forces break down. All this work will be continued and enforced. In the certainty that we all are doing our duty. We greet you at home with the King's motto: All for Norway !

Back cover

EH(N).827, To All Norwegians propaganda leaflet - Reverse


(Left hand photograph) 'Norwegian aircraft due to take off from an airfield. The Norwegian Air Force is larger than ever and includes complete squadrons with pilots, wireless operators and ground staff'.

(Right hand photograph) A picture of one of the Navy's replacements, a motor launch photographed from the foredeck. These ships have already performed successful missions



Material for this page kindly supplied by society member Egil H. Thomassen.

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